Launched in September 2016, Smilang offers online 1-on-1 language lessons in a fun and motivating experience to students from all around the world. With our virtual classroom, friendly native tutors, our personalized approach and affordable rates, we give language learners the environment they need to gain skills and confidence in a foreign language.

Being able to speak a foreign language opens a world of opportunities and allows us to discover the cultures and people around us. We believe that it’s something anyone can achieve with the right tools, and this is what Smilang aims to offer language learners around the world.

Our offer differs from the competition through 3 core aspects. The first one being interactivity: our easy-to-use virtual classroom uses the latest technology to offer maximal interactivity between students and tutors. The second aspect is our flexibility: students on Smilang can book lessons at anytime, with the tutor of their choice. They can also choose the length of their lesson from 30 minutes to 2 hours and they are not forced to book a certain amount of lessons per month. Lastly, our offer stands out from the competition through its price, with lessons as low as $13 per hour.

No matter where students are in their language learning journey, our goal is to guide them until they can say with confidence that they are fluent.

Virtual Classroom

We would be more than happy to schedule a demonstration of our interactive virtual classroom with you.


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Josh Gaudreault
Executive Director & Founder
[email protected]
080-8045-9273 (Japan)

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