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Are you looking for accommodation in Japan, South Korea or Taiwan? We recommend you Borderless House, which offers a wide array of sharehouses spread around Asia. Discover local cultures and languages by living with local people, make new friends and enjoy your new life a sharehouse that can easily be booked from overseas!

Live with locals and foreigners

Borderless House takes great care of balancing the ratio of locals to foreigners at about 50/50. This means that you will be able to easily meet local people and learn their language, as well as people from all around the world.

Travel easily around Asia!

Borderless House has over 124 sharehouses spread in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. One very interesting benefit of staying at a Borderless sharehouse is that if you plan to travel, you can easily stay at one of their houses in another country, for free!

Friendly support

Borderless House’s team is always there to support you in your new life, from finding the perfect sharehouse for your needs to helping you with any trouble or worries you might have.

Join a friendly community

Borderless House carefully chooses its tenants to offer you the best sharehouse experience possible. All of the tenants are people that are genuinely interested in making international friends and learning about other cultures. This will allow you to easily make friends in your new country right from your arrival!

Language exchange, home stay programs and more!

Borderless house offer tons of opportunities to their tenants! Take part in a language exchange, experience the authentic local culture through a short home stay, enjoy seasonal events, and more!

Easy move-in process

Borderless House makes the moving-in process as easy as possible for foreigners. Reserve your room from overseas, view it and move-in! Even better, it’s already fully-furnished!

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