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Smilang allows you to learn a foreign language with friendly, native tutors. Our platform and 1-on-1 lessons focus on providing a fun and motivating learning experience that helps language learners like you to gain skills and confidence in a foreign language.

Being able to speak a foreign language will open a world of opportunities for you, expand your knowledge and get you to discover fascinating cultures, all while meeting tons of interesting people. We believe that it’s something anyone can achieve with the right tools, and this is what we offer you: a fun and flexible learning environment adapted to your goals, the chance to practice through real conversations, and a continuous support from our team along with a community of fellow language learners.

No matter where you are now in your language learning journey, our goal is to guide you until you can say, with the most confident smile, that you’re fluent.

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Friendly, Native Tutors

Turn studying into something fun with a tutor you connect with! Choose a tutor with interests similar to yours and learn their native language through authentic conversations.

Truly interactive

Our integrated virtual classroom will allow you to fully interact with your tutor via a whiteboard and high quality video chat. Get the experience of a real classroom directly on our website!

Anywhere, Anytime

Learn at anytime, no matter where you are! Book your lessons with an international tutor easily without having to worry about the time difference. We take care of everything!

At your Own Pace

Be in control of your learning schedule! You are free to take 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes lessons! The lesson time you get never expire, so you can relax and learn at your own pace!

Many Languages

You’re not limited to learning just one language at a time! If you’re an aspiring polyglot or simply curious about trying out a new language, feel free to learn any of the ones we have to offer.

The Focus is on you

One-on-one lessons mean that the focus is entirely on you! Your tutor will tailor each lesson according to your specific needs and goals, allowing you to progress quickly!

International Community

Join us to create a community of fellow language learners! Find study partners, language exchange opportunities and international friends!


We’re offering you all of that at a really competitive price, with lessons as low as US$13. That is cheaper than most online and traditional language schools, saving you thousands of dollars!

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Learn Japanese, Mandarin, French or English with native tutors!

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  • 50 Hours Plan
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    For those really determined to reach fluency in one or many foreign languages!